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What are backlinks and why are they important?

Backlink are considered as the backbone of search engine optimization. They are also known as inbound links, incoming links and inlinks that are created by linking one website to another. A website with greater number of backlinks will be able to get greater rankings on the top search engines. Once the website is published, the webmaster needs more and more traffic, and the only way to get that traffic is to get the content into search engine result pages (SERPs) and the way to get into SERPs is through backlink. The strategy is simple: get as much backlinks as you can to get into search engine and this will  help you get more traffic that will ultimately result in greater revenue. So if you have a high quality content, and you get backlinks from reputable sites, the search engine will consider it to be better than other websites and more relevant than others, ultimately placing it in top search results.

However, this whole strategy is not as simple as it seems. The reason is clear. There are thousands of websites out there and much more are being created with each passing day. The competition to reach the top of  search engines in really tough and even if you manage to reach there, you have to keep on going to sustain the position as millions of competitors are constantly trying to reach your rank. In these times, backlinks are of great advantage as they work as the vote of confidence for their websites and help create a positive image of it, helping it to sustain its position. Although these backlinks are not easy to achieve and require a lot of time, hard work and investment, they play a key role in improving search engine optimization.

Backlink Maker, in particular

Throughout the time, the main concern related with these backlinks is they require a lot of investment and are quite time consuming. However, during this era, this no longer is a problem. The tool called backlink maker is the solution. It is considered as the best tool for generating high quality backlinks that too within fractions of time. The tool is capable of doing so because of the fact that it has been created in accordance with the guidelines of link making provided by google. Even using the tool does not require much efforts. What you have to do is to just enter the website URL and press the click button and the results will amaze you.

 Apart from saving time, backlink maker has a lot to offer. With the passage of time, the backlinks have gained great popularity and due the reason, unlike previous times, the low quality backlinks are no longer in demand. In fact, they ruin the overall image of the website and ultimately leads to the website not finding its way into top searches. However, backlink maker completely resolves the issue by making only high quality backlinks that is really helpful in building good reputation of the website.

Relevancy is yet another factor that is deemed most important while considering a particular website’s backlinks. It is a matter of fact that a huge number of backlinks will help you reach your desired goal. However, if these baclinks are irrelevant to the content, the concerned website is going to be totally removed from data base. This issue, however, does not appear when backlink maker is used.

Another feature is that the backlinks created by the tool are completely natural and are free. The search engine crawlers can easily detect the paid links, which really lowers the ratings of the particular website. Therefore, the links created by the tool are completely natural and related to the site niche so as to avoid negative ratings.

There are some other features as well that are offered by this tool. The backlinks are created by artificial intelligence and hence are more accurate, that again is important. Also, different filters are used by the tool, which allows backlinks only from qualified websites .This is because weightage really plays a key role in obtaining better traffic.

How to use backlink maker

Even though, using the tool is easy, there still are some steps involved. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Get on the page:
  2. Enter the URL of the website you are interested in building backlinks of
  3. Click on the button saying “make backlink” and you are done

The tool will quickly start generating backlinks for all the relevant websites that show up. This might take some time. The “status” section will eventually show you a green “tick” once backlinks are generated.

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