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Free Meta Tag Generator Tool

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are a short piece of information the describes the page content. It appears on the page's source code, instead of appearing on-page itself. Meta tags give a potential visitor first perception of your website.

In a nutshell, they make it simpler for the search engine to learn what your web page is about, thus are essential for SEO.

Meta tags are present at the head of the HTML document and are solely apparent to the search engine. The meta of meta tags stands for "metadata" which is the sort of data these tags provide. Data means the information on the page.

Why do meta tags matter?

As already mentioned, meta tags give detail about your website to search engine and visitants who find your site in the SERP. These tags highlight the essential element of your content and your web page show up in the search engine.

The meta tags ensure that the information searchers demand to know about your site shows up in a brief and useful way.

Some meta tags concern page frame, while others direct the search engine which sections of your site are important and which can be overlooked.

Do Meta Tags Help SEO?

Yes, but not always. If you wanna find out whether a page is using meta tags or not. Then simply right-click anywhere on the page and choose "view page source". A new tab will be open and at the head of the page meta tags would present.

Why Meta tag generators are used?

Meta tag generators are used for so many reasons.

  • There are few designers who do not know about meta tags and acquired benefits by automatically generating their tags.
  • Few designers know about meta tags but save time by automatically generating the tags.

Free Meta Tag Generator

we have made it easier to generate meta tags by filling out the code generator section. It will create the meta tags, add them to the HTML or PHP source of your website.

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