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In an online business, if you want to get an estimate of how your website is doing as compared to all other sites, the best tool to serve the purpose is Alexa Rank checker. But, first of all, what is Alexa rank?

 Alexa rank

 Alexa rank is the measure of popularity of a website. Millions of websites are ranked on this basis and the most popular of them is ranked number 1. The rank is calculated by combining the traffic and the visitor’s engagement over the period of last three months and the data for this calculation is collected from the web through various toolbars and web browser extensions. The lower the Alexa rank of a particular website, the higher the reach.

Alexa rank checker

The Alexa ranking system is developed by This primarily focuses on web traffic data, to check how the particular website is performing. Not just this, the bloggers and webmasters use it to check the current position of their rivals by checking their ranks as well.

The Alexa rank checker works on the simple strategy. It records the traffic, which is based on the number of users who have visited the site and the number of times they have visited it. It also takes care of the fact that if any user has visited a page multiple times a day, it counts them as one.

Why is it important to check Alexa Rank?

As mentioned earlier, the Alexa rank helps you to know how your website is doing as compared to other sites, there are some other benefits that you can derive from data collected by Alexa rank.

  • Since it gives you the measure of your popularity, you get to know about position in an online world and keeping in mind that, you can develop strategies to improve your performance in business and figure out how you can beat your competitors. Furthermore, you are able to keep a track of your position by checking your rank on daily basis and by looking at your progress are you able to take necessary steps to improve it.
  • To all the webmasters and bloggers who are interested in doing competitive analysis, Alexa checker serves well. You can find out your position as well as your competitors’. Meanwhile, you can check the rank of multiple sites at once and see how you and your major competitors are performing.
  • With the help of this ranking, the webmasters and advertisers get the measure of their real marketing potential. The better ranks lead to higher chances of advertisers buying the space on your website.


How to improve your Alexa ranking

  • First things first, you have to install the Alexa tool and place the widget on your website. In this way, more visitors are attracted and each click on your page will be counted.
  • Also, the most important way to enhance your website and attracting traffic is through quality content. Your content has to be unique, which helps to develop strong bond with your readers eventually leading to enhanced traffic.
  • Not only this, your content has to be updated constantly which really is helpful in paving your way on google’s first page.
  • Last but not least, the best strategy to achieving massive traffic is through uploading content regularly. Once you upload it consistently, you get better traffic, and hence better rank
  • In this era of technology, it is great if you share your content on all social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. This will ultimately earn you better traffic and hence, greater revenue, which is the ultimate dream of all bloggers and webmasters.

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